This session IPA is bursting with citrus and hope notes from the moment you take your first sniff. Brewed with mostly Citra hops and a touch of ElDorado and Amarillo, Citrafest has a great balance of hop flavor and little malt presence. This beer is deliciously drankable so done be surprised at how quickly your beer disappears. 

    ABV: 5.0%  IBU: 45  SRM: 5

    American style India Pale Ale brewed using Anthanum, Cascade, simcoe, Centennial and Magnum hops. A beer with crisp hop flavor and bitterness boasts citrus florals after being dry hopped for a week.

    ABV: 6.9% IBU: 65 SRM: 7.5

    Toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness while carbonation and light sweetness finish clean on your palate. Vienna and Munich malts are used to brew this American Style Ale.

    ABV:5.2% IBU:18 SRM: 11.2 

    Clear with a bright, straw-yellow hue, slightly hoppy with some added sweetness on the backend from honey grown locally in Indiana. The Kolsch Yeast exhibits some of the fruity character of an ale, with a clean lager-like finish.

    ABV: 4.6  IBU: 15 SRM: 5

    Brewed to match the old French Farmhouse Ales. This beer imparts both fruity and spicy notes with a smooth and crispy finish. Standing strong at 6.9% ABV, Farmers Daughter will keep going through those long hot summer days.

    ABV: 4.8% IBU: 20 SRM: 24.2

    An English strong ale brewed with only Sovereign hops and English malts. The finish is long and lingering with the malt and hop notes blending with alcohol warmth.

    ABV: 9.0%  IBU: 50 SRM: 16

    A medium bodied Scottish-style Ale with a well rounded malty profile and roasted biscuit-like notes. Deep amber and pouring with a cream head, a 60 schilling Scottish Ale that can be enjoyed all day long.

    ABV: 5.8 IBU: 20  SRM: 20

    Pilsner malt combined with an Abbey yeast strain yields a remarkable and complex flavor packed with notes of spice, banana and pear. Nicely balance, with a merate to dry finish.

    ABV: 9.0 IBU: 30  SRM: 6

    Our Harvest Ales is made using 35 pounds of fresh whoel leaf Cascade hops. Grown by Eight One Two Farms right here in Columbus, IN., this IPA has huge juicy tropical flavors that merge with aromas of citrus and grapefruit, immersing your senses in fresh hops.
    ABV: 5.0%  IBU: 75   SRM: 5

    Deep amber brown with a dense off-white head, this beer opens with a sweet clove and banana notes that give way to a chocolaty warm finish. It'll still showcase all of the flavors that a Hefeweiss beer would have, but add in the extra body and punch.

    ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 25   SRM: 25


  • Legendberry is crafter using 100% fresh pressed apple cider. The myths are true, we add only a lush blend of fresh blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Traditionally deep purple in color, it boasts an abundant of fruity aroma of juicy berries that shrouds itself in sweet mystery. The legend lives on.

    Original blend is made using fresh apples, not using concentrate, made from the misty depths of the grove. We never add creepy artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Our cider has a crisp bite and a medium sweetness that lures our followers back for more.

    This semi-dry cider is made using 5 different kinds of hops and is bursting with fresh green apple character with a crisp finish.


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